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Visual shows the concept for the Alconbury Secondary School building

Alconbury Weald Education Campus

Welcome to the project page for the Alconbury Weald Education Campus project, which is being built by Morgan Sindall Construction on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council on the Alconbury Weald development.

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Project Highlights

Here you can read about and see plans of the emerging proposals and the exhibition boards for the new Education Campus as displayed within The Club building at Alconbury Weald until the 20 September 2021.

If you are unable to visit the display in The Club building to submit your feedback using the ‘Have Your Say’ feature at the bottom of this page to provide your feedback so it can be considered prior to the submission of the planning application.

Please note this is the final period of consultation which will close on the 20 September 2021 following which the feedback received will be considered, the proposals finalised and the planning application submitted.

Background to the project

In 2012, Alconbury Weald was granted outline planning permission by Huntingdonshire District Council for 5,000 homes, an Enterprise Zone and supporting community facilities, including provision of a Secondary School.

Since the granting of the outline planning permission, the first phase of development on the site has been approved (referred to as Key Phase 1) and construction of numerous parcels of development within this have been completed, including the first Primary School (Ermine Street Church Academy) which opened in September 2016.

With an established and growing residential population, there will be a need for the delivery of this new Education Campus to support the development. The location of the proposed Campus within Key Phase 1 as detailed on the plan shown was determined/approved as part of the outline planning permission.

If required, you can download a copy of these images here.

The Proposal

The Education Campus for Alconbury Weald is set to be delivered over a series of phases to align with the requirements of the growing Alconbury Weald community.

Phase 1 which full planning permission will be sought for will include the construction of the following:

  • 4FE (600 Pupil) Secondary School with 8FE core facilities (Alconbury Weald Church Academy – AWCA) comprised of three separate buildings; a Main Block, a Sports Block and a Performing Arts Block.
  • 150 space Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) School with a Post-16 SEND facility (Prestley Wood Academy – PWA)

Phase 2 which outline planning permission will be sought for includes masterplanning for the below. Note the detail of these elements would be subject to future detailed application/s.

  • 4FE expansion to create an 8FE (1200 Pupil) Secondary School
  • Expansion of the SEND School buildings to provide Specialist Autism and Post-19 facilities

Finally, future phases of the Campus have also been considered in the development of the masterplans which include a Sixth Form and a further 3FE expansion of the 8FE Secondary School to an 11FE facility should it be required. These elements will not be included in the current proposed application and will be subject to separate application/s as required in the future.


The illustration and masterplans here detail how the buildings/site will be arranged and expanded upon in each of these phases.

Note the masterplans shown are in order of Phase 1, Phase 2 and future reserved elements.

If required, you can download a copy of the masterplans here.

Access, Circulation & Parking

A sustainable approach to transport lies at the heart of the proposed Education Campus and the wider Alconbury Weald development.

The central positioning of the Campus itself within the Alconbury Weald development will facilitate access to the Campus from all areas of the wider development through the proposed cycling, walking and public transport routes. The Campus design has/will coordinate with these committed routes and provide appropriate levels of cycle parking on the site.

In respect of pupil drop-off/pick-up, the proposed strategy for the Secondary School where pupils need to travel by vehicle is to utilise the vehicle routes/spaces within the ‘School Square’ which sits adjacent/west of the Secondary School which is in line with the approved wider development strategy. The SEND School on the other hand will have a dedicated vehicle drop-off/collection area on the Campus itself within close proximity to the School’s main entrance given the particular needs of the pupils.

The design

The design of the Campus and its suite of buildings have been considered holistically to ensure they look like a family of buildings.

The design aims to align with the aspirations of the master developer Urban&Civic whom Morgan Sindall have been working in close consultation with and ultimately, create a striking and visible landmark for the Alconbury Weald development. The visualisations shown here provide an indication of the current aspirations

A key influence on the design of this scheme has been Cambridgeshire County Council’s (CCC) sustainability aspirations and achieving compliance with their emerging Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) policy.

This scheme was selected by CCC to test their emerging NZEB criteria with view to establishing a criteria for future CCC education buildings. The scheme proposes to adopt the following which will not only ensure the agreed criteria is complied with but the scheme achieves a ‘Very Good’ accreditation under the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method (BREEAM) as a minimum.

Passivhaus design principles to reduce operational energy demand:

  • High performance fabric first approach
  • Effective building form/structure and orientation
  • Improved air tightness performance
  • Mixed mode ventilation strategy

Low carbon and all electric energy sources:

  • Electric air source heat pumps

On-site renewable energy generation:

  • Photovoltaics

Whilst the designs of the site plans, buildings and floor plans are still evolving, in addition to providing your views on the masterplans, we would also welcome your thoughts on the current developed floor plans for each of the buildings.

Please click on the below to see the current masterplans as shown above and the floor plans for each of the proposed buildings.

External masterplans

Have Your Say

As noted above, if you were unable to attend the 14 September Exhibition Event or subsequently visit the display in The Club building to submit your feedback using the forms provided, please use the ‘Have Your Say’ feature at the bottom of this page to provide your feedback so it can be considered prior to the submission of the planning application.

What Happens Next?

You will have opportunity until the 20 September 2021 to provide your final feedback on the proposals either through the feedback forms available in The Club building or through the ‘Have Your Say’ feature below. Following the 20 September, the opportunity to provide your views on the proposals will cease to allow opportunity for the feedback received to be considered, the proposals to be finalised and the planning application submitted.

We look forward to receiving your final thoughts on this proposed scheme.

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