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Dandelions GY International Women's Day event

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Local business, Dandelions GY, are hosting an open day to celebrate International Women's Day for the women who work in Great Yarmouth.

Dandelions is a self care group for women who work, accessible to women and those who identify as. The aim is to support and amplify their self care, boost confidence and allow the freedom to bloom and float to their full potential, through a creative and thought provoking free 8 week course of sessions in Great Yarmouth and the surrounding areas.

Event information:

What: An open day to celebrate international women's day for the women who work in Great Yarmouth. A chance for everyone to meet again, or for the first time and to bring along anyone who would like to take part in a Dandelions course. There will be conversations, creativity, laughter and joy, refreshments and a chance to sit down for a while without anyone wanting or needing anything. The day will be free, but there will be donation tins to help towards the costs of the the day.

Where: Great Yarmouth Salvation Army

When: Saturday 5th March 2022 from 12:00 - 15:00

For more details on Dandelions, please contact Rachael or Sandra at [email protected] or on Facebook: Dandelions GY 

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