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Updated KQ

Second Knowledge Quad event held at Kingsbrook!


Following the launch of the Knowledge Quad last year, the team at Kingsbrook Secondary School have held another event with our supply chain partners to deliver training on site.

A key benefit of having an onsite learning facility is to allow our sub-contractors to focus on developing and upskilling their workforce within a centralised location. The feedback we have received has been positive and it has proven to be more cost and time effective for our sub-contractors to hold training on site, thus eliminating unnecessary travels to an offsite location. Not only has the Knowledge Quad helped to develop and strengthen a collaborative partnership with various stakeholders and the supply chain, it has also been a focal point for the local community.

Most recently, our supply chain partner Hiretest Limited have teamed up with C&C Training Ltd in delivering CAT & Genny training on avoiding danger from underground services in accordance with HSG47 guidance.

Updated KQ