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Environmental Week at Summerdown


As part of Environmental Week, we at the Summerdown SEN project spent time evaluating the embodied carbon savings we are making on the project, whilst identifying additional measures that could be introduced to make further savings during the construction phase. With a target of 10 tonnes I’m pleased to say we went over and above and achieved a massive 131.69 tonnes of ECo2 savings! We also donated time from our busy days to litter pick in the woodland surrounding the project on Friday, thank you again to all involved.

Total savings identified to date: 131.69 tonnes

51.22 tonnes of ECO2 saved by switching to 70% GGBS Concrete mix on 25% of the total concrete used on the project

3.20 tonnes of ECO2 saved by switching to Low Carbon cement

62.04 tonnes of ECO2 saved by switching from Diesel to HVO to run our twin site generators

12.50 tonnes of ECO2 saved by switching to Eco Green space site accommodation

2.73 tonnes of ECO2 saved by switching to all electric telehandler

Local woodland litter picking

5 Operatives donated 2 hours each this Friday to take part in cleaning up the local woodland surrounding the Summerdown SEN School project.

100% recycled and recyclable waste bags were used