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Morgan Sindall Construction commits to enhancing communities across Scunthorpe following Passivhaus college appointment


Morgan Sindall Construction has been appointed by the Department for Education (DfE) to build a new Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) college in Scunthorpe.

Trent View College will be operated by Wellspring Academy Trust and will cater for 60 students aged between 16 and 19.

The college will support students with a range of specific needs including those with learning difficulties, speech language and cognition needs and autistic spectrum condition, with 25% of students being non-ambulant.

The single storey building will be located on land to the south of West Common Lane in Scunthorpe and has been designed according to Passivhaus principles, meaning it will be built to the highest standards of sustainable construction.

Passivhaus buildings provide a high level of occupant comfort while using very little energy for heating and cooling. They are built according to principles developed by the Passivhaus Institute in Germany.

The reduction in energy consumption results in carbon reductions, and lower running and maintenance costs. The Passivhaus standard is achieved through the design and build phase, with the selection of materials ensuring building efficiency throughout the project.

As both a SEND facility and a Passivhaus building, Trent View College needs to be green and inclusive. To achieve this, the Morgan Sindall Construction team will be working closely with the design team, so they can flag issues that should be addressed early on. SEND designs are more involved than designs for standard schools, so achieving Passivhaus standards at Trent View College will require a high-level of specific expertise, experience and input from Morgan Sindall Construction.

The detailed, design proposals were developed in close association with the Trust and DfE team through a collaborative engagement process, which is particularly critical for this type of school with such very specialist needs, resulting in design proposals that fully meets the school specific requirements, whilst also achieving compliance with the DfE Output Specification and Technical Annexes. The building will be single storey with level access throughout and is zoned into two distinct areas, the main block of admin/entrance and large shared spaces and a teaching wing with associated support spaces. The school will include a hydrotherapy pool, changing facilities and a playing field all of which will be made available for use by the local community outside of school hours.

The people of Scunthorpe will also benefit from the comprehensive social value plan to be delivered by Morgan Sindall Construction as part of its delivery of the new college. A comprehensive engagement plan will ensure activities and programmes are undertaken that address the specific socioeconomic requirements of the area, while Morgan Sindall Construction aims for 90% of its supply chain spend to be with local SMEs.

Jon Muir, project manager for Morgan Sindall Construction, said:

Trent View College will provide a learning environment for young people of Scunthorpe of unparalleled quality, providing them with the perfect setting to reach their potential. That the college is being built to Passivhaus standards reflects our commitment and that that of the DfE and the Trust to going the extra mile in order to create a first-class, inclusive learning facility while simultaneously protecting the environment. We'll achieve this two-fold objective through a range of tactics. On the inclusive front, we'll fashion accessible learning spaces that support learning together and easy social interaction. And to secure Passivhaus standards, we'll be doing things like building in lots of insulation to minimise heating requirements at Trent View College, and creating a smart ventilation strategy for the building. The key is ensuring that the building functions inclusively and sustainably at the same time – for the benefit of students and the planet."

Josh Greaves, Deputy CEO at Wellspring Academy Trust, added:

We are delighted that Trent View College will be built to stringent Passivhaus environmental credentials, supporting our commitment to carbon responsibility and environmental sustainability. In addition, the building's design principles will offer teaching opportunities and provide excellent material for inclusion in the College's vibrant and broad curriculum. At Wellspring, we understand the importance of space in creating exceptional learning environments for our pupils. The planned build for Trent View College is most definitely exceptional and we're looking forward to working with Morgan Sindall Construction in turning those plans into reality. As a Trust, we strongly believe in supporting the entire communities in which our schools are based, so we're really pleased that Morgan Sindall are focusing on using local SME suppliers. Trent View College will bring great benefits to the local area, and that is beginning right from the start of the build process."

Catherine Ward, associate – HLM, said:

The design process was very collaborative with the Trust in order to nuance the layout of the facilities. This open approach to engagement is particularly critical for this type of school with such very specialist needs, resulting in design proposals that meet the school’s specific requirements to support learning and socialization. Wellspring Academy Trust are a very progressive client and so we’re really looking forward to seeing this project develop on site”