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Two male and one female Royal Naval personnel outside of the HMS Cambria building


Delivering high quality infrastructure for the forces that protect our nation

Whether it be a multi-million pound complex new building, or an intricate fast track refurbishment, our business is built around serving the defence sector.

We know that Service personnel are dedicated to their work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, often working in austere conditions. We construct first-class facilities that they can be proud to operate, train and live in.

Our work includes capital schemes, repair, maintenance and refurbishment, and ranges from small-scale jobs to large and technically complex comprehensive regeneration schemes.

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Our customers in the Armed Forces benefit from our broad range of experience both within the Defence sector and beyond. All of the work has been undertaken with a complete understanding of the demands of working in high security and live operational environments.

From accommodation and training facilities to runways and offices, we provide a complete design and build capability to produce facilities fit to serve our Armed Forces for years to come.

Picture of HMS Cambria building
HMS Cambria: State-of-the-art head office and training facility, part of the Navy Command Future Reserves 20 programme
Picture of the lounge area complete with comfy sofas and decor at the Royal Marines recovery centre
Royal Marines Personnel Recovery Centre: A calming, welcoming and homely environment for injured soldiers to begin rehabilitation