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Shaun Thomas

#PeopleBehindTheProjects: Shaun Thomas

Shaun Thomas -

Senior Project Manager

We spoke to Shaun Thomas, Senior Project Manager from our North West region, about his charity work that swaps his steel-capped boots for blue suede shoes!

Usually out on the rugby field or paddleboard at weekends, Shaun has managed to swerve the dancefloor all his life until the opportunity arose to get involved in The Big Trusts’ Strictly Come Dancing Charity Show where he thought – ‘’how could I refuse?’’

Shaun admits he’s never watched Strictly before and claims has no ‘’rhythm and coordination’’ but is willing to step out of his comfort zone to support such an inspirational charity.

‘When the opportunity to get involved in some exciting charity work was presented by my boss (who due to an unfortunate clash in his diary couldn’t participate), how could I refuse? He told me all I would need to do was have dancing lessons, and Strictly Dancing for The Big Trust would be fine. Reassured by his confidence in me (ignoring the advice of my teenage children), I jumped at the opportunity to embarrass myself to raise money for charity. The Big Trust is an inspirational charity and deserves all the support anyone can offer. To be honest, I don't watch Strictly, I never have and probably never will. I know I am a terrible dancer, and I am terrified of making a fool of myself but for one night I am sure I can do it. It is no great sacrifice as long as I can get the fundraising in.’’

Shaun has been practicing one hour a week with Holly, a professional dancer and his partner, for the past 3 months in preparation for the show.

‘I have been learning to dance with Holly. She has the patience of a saint and has been so supportive. She has instilled confidence in me, and I hope to make my family and colleagues proud.’’

Shaun will be dancing the quick step to one of the songs of his Mum’s favourite artist - Elvis Presley. He’ll be dancing to Presley’s song ‘Blue Suede Shoes’ and said he’s feeling more and more confident after every practice lesson.

Despite never dancing before, he said he is able to use skills and stamina learnt from his weekend sports to help him stay fit for the fast-paced tempo!

Help Shaun reach his fundraising target!

About the charity

The Big Trust is a charity that supports and helps the most disadvantaged and excluded people in the Liverpool City Region.

Their focus is on helping people to overcome disadvantage, fulfil their potential so they can build successful lives for themselves, their families and the wider community.

This show will help grow the charity and raise funds to enable them to deliver programmes to more schools across the Liverpool City Region.

On Saturday 17th September 2022, The Big Trust’s strictly style dance competition and fundraising event will take place at The Titanic Hotel in Liverpool. 10 amateur volunteers from various businesses across the Liverpool will take part where the winner will scoop up the big glitter ball trophy!

Please help support Shaun by donating through this link. And Shaun, remember – Keeeeeeep dancing!! 🕺