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Reinventing UK Coastal Towns

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Around 10 per cent of the UK’s population lives in coastal towns and cities - places that face distinct regeneration challenges of their own and which are sometimes literally and figuratively at the end of the line.

Many of our coastal towns are attractive places to live and work, featuring scenic beauty alongside great architecture and a rich Victorian and Edwardian history.

Yet numerous studies have charted decades of decline in these communities and caution that the people living in them have for too long felt isolated, unsupported and left behind.

Advocates of what can be achieved point out that seaside towns and coastal heritage represent one of Britain’s greatest assets.

They believe that for ‘levelling-up’ policies to have meaning, policy and investment should not just be directed at rebalancing the economy across the long standing North-South divide, but also look closely at what’s happening around the margins of our country.