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The back of someone's head, wearing a white hardhat displaying the Morgan Sindall Construction 100% Safe logo

100% Safe

Ensuring that everyone’s health, wellbeing and environment are 100% Safe

Our 100% Safe approach is integrated into our business strategy and ensures that everyone who works with us benefits from our commitment to being safe.

When we start work with our stakeholders we commit to ensuring the highest levels of safety for all those who are a part of the project we’re delivering, whether this is Morgan Sindall Construction employees, our supply chain family, our customers and their end-users or the general community in which we operate.

We’re consistently empowering our community with the tools and training to ensure that everyone’s health, wellbeing and environment are 100% Safe.

Through delivering in these areas we aim to achieve our company vision to be the most sought-after and sustainable business in our industry.

A site tour taking place on a Morgan Sindall Construction site with a group of primary school children and their teachers

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Our 100% Safe aims are as follows:

  • To ensure our offices and projects are Safe Places in which to work for employees, supply chain and visitors alike
  • To collaborate with all our stakeholders to forge Safe Relationships
  • To encourage everyone associated with our business to make the right decisions and display the right behaviours to be Safe by Choice
  • To plan our activities and undertakings in such a way that minimises change and opportunities for error going forward to be Safe by Design
  • To manage health risks in our workplaces and look after the wellbeing of our employees and supply chain to promote Safe Lives by doing as much as possible to look after the futures of individuals.

Being safe continues to be of paramount importance to all of us at Morgan Sindall Construction. We see it as critical that our people, and those who are affected by our activities, benefit from an incident-free environment.