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A BIM (Building Information Modelling) view of the Manchester Metropolitan University Arts & Humanities Buildings

Digital Construction & BIM

A strategy aligned to the UK's digital construction goals

Published in March 2016, the UK Government Construction Strategy sets out a plan to increase productivity in construction to deliver £1.7 billion of efficiencies. Digital Construction, and its previous developments such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) are an important part of this strategy. The work Morgan Sindall Construction has taken to date highlights the positive impact collaborative people and technological processes have.

What is Digital Construction?

Digital Construction enables the generation and management of information on a construction project during its entire life cycle to create digital and built assets. Digital Construction is an evolution of Building Information Modelling (BIM).

Having delivered 40 digital projects since 2016 with a combined value of £525 million, our commitment to Digital Construction, underpinned by our company philosophy of Perfect Delivery, has connected people, process and technology; improved consistency; enhanced decision making; and reduced risk for our customers at the design, construction and operation stages of our projects.

To find out more about how Morgan Sindall Construction can support your next project using BIM technology Digital Construction, contact the team. If you would like to find out more about our approach to BIM Digital Construction download our latest brochure.

Digital Construction consistently delivers better outcomes throughout the design, build and operation phases of your project

Phase one: Design

Visualise your building before we’ve even broken ground

Our Digital Construction team can virtually construct your building brick by brick, so you and your key stakeholders can experience it.

This user-centric process is key in identifying user insights, reducing risk, and allows us to collectively develop a nuanced design that eradicates the risk of snags, glitches and safety risks before a spade has touched the ground.

Phase two: Build

We’ve held the ground-breaking ceremony and we’re off

With such meticulous collaboration at the design stage, there should be little need for further adjustments. BIM technology provides the Morgan Sindall Construction team and our customers' teams and stakeholders with access to rich information which means potential technical queries or concerns are ironed out.

Having all the structured information to hand as well as 3D models allows the team to fully understand the impact of potential changes faster, allowing for the feasibility of the change and certainty of impact on the cost and construction deadlines.

Phase three: Operate

Delivering a physical and digital building

The legacy we leave is as important as the experience provided when creating and delivering a project. Through the use of our digital asset information platform, Springboard, we put this resource at your fingertips.

Springboard gives your team the valuable information they need to operate and maintain your building and assets long after we have completed the construction process, all within in a user-friendly system.