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Picture of the completed Hackney Britannia Leisure Centre from the outside (Image credit: Diane Auckland, Fotohaus)

Hackney Britannia project

Morgan Sindall Construction delivered the Britannia Leisure Centre, which is replaced an outdated facility, as well as created a brand-new secondary school and sixth form, City of London Academy Shoreditch Park in the London Borough of Hackney. The mixed-use community development is part of Hackney Council’s ongoing plans to regenerate the area and provide state-of-the-art facilities for the residents.

Key Stats

Two projects being delivered simulaneaously, brand new Britannia Leisure Centre and the secondary school and sixth form, City of London Academy Shoreditch Park

Project is being delivered via the Southern Construction Framework (SCF)

Form part of Hackney Council’s programme to replace outdated leisure facilities and increase school places in a densely populated borough

Leisure Centre will include rooftop football pitches to maximise on space

At a Glance


Hackney Borough Council


£97.5 million




Hackney, London


Secondary Education & Leisure

Creating social value to enrich the community

Working with those in the local community to support long-term growth

Social value sits at the heart of Hackney Britannia. As the project is central to the wellbeing and development of the community, the team not only wants to deliver a long-lasting positive legacy through the provision of the new school and leisure centre, but also via the creation of employment and development opportunities.

Find out more about Morgan Sindall Construction's approach to Social Value

Social value in the community

The team has been involved in a number of schemes across the borough:

  • Partnering with Hackney-based Shoreditch Trust charity, which works to address inequality, supporting people who are facing life and health problems to create a healthier future for themselves
  • Delivering schools careers events, as well as working with a number of local support groups including, the ‘Elders Feast,’ a celebratory Christmas event, which welcomed those who were supported by the Stroke Association and Starlight over 50s for a three-course dinner and Christmas carols
  • Jobs fairs to partner local organisations and the Morgan Sindall Construction supply chain with recruits, this included organisations from various sectors including GLL, New City College and the Metropolitan Police. A number of positions were filled, and the team welcomed three new starters to the project
  • Working with Women in Construction, to support a group of 15 local women with mentoring, employment skills and CV support
Picture of attendees at the Elders Feast, a Christmas event held by the Morgan Sindall Construction team in Hackney
Christmas 2019, the Hackney Britannia team supported the Elders Feast, a Christmas event organised by local charities to support elderly people in Hackney

Using cycling as the vehicle to promote sustainbility and wellbeing

The project is located next to the Transport for London (TfL) Cycleways in London (previously Cycle Super Highways and Quietways). On a typical summer’s day, 5,000 cyclists use the CS1 highway, a factor that the project team needed to account for, with careful planning around logistics and deliveries.

Alongside supply chain partners Speedy Plant Hire and TNT deliveries, the team used cargo-bikes to transport materials to site, which resulted in a pioneering, zero-emissions delivery programme.

The team worked with Transport for London and the Hackney Council Streetscene team to agree logistics ahead of works commencing and ensure the project’s impact on passing cyclists and traffic would be minimal. The team has also held numerous review meetings with the TfL and Streetscene to review and refine the project logistics to ensure cyclists can enjoy passing the project.

The projects traffic marshals have undertaken the Transport for London ‘Elite Marshal’ training to better understand the Cycle Super Highway and ensure they’re able to support passing cyclists.

Image of the team from Wheels for Wellbeing and Morgan Sindall Construction on a site visit
The Hackney Britannia team welcomed Wheels for Wellbeing to site to work with them to ensure routes around the site were accessible for all

The team has also worked closely with specialist access company, Wheels for Wellbeing, to ensure that the site’s surrounding routes were fully accessible. This involved the project team working with the company to carry out a comprehensive audit of the site to ensure it is fully accessible. The team also had the opportunity to experience access routes from the perspective of a wheelchair user – helping to provide a new viewpoint and understanding of the challenges faced by those with limited mobility. This is part of the team’s ongoing commitment to work with Transport for London (TfL) and Streetscene to ensure the construction site boundary is easily accessible for all users.


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