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10tC - DAC - July 2023 Certificate

KTTS take part in the 10 Tonne Challenge!

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25 tonnes of carbon saved!

The KTTS project team recently took part in Morgan Sindall Construction's in-house developed initiative - the 10 Tonne Challenge. The challenge empowers our project teams for a focused week, to work with our consultants and supply chain to find intelligent solutions that reduce carbon from the buildings we deliver by a minimum of 10 tonnes.

How the team achieved the challenge:

  • Worked collaboratively with supply chain partner, Road Ways and used cold asphalt for the pedestrian pavement. This technology has considerable potential for reducing the carbon emissions. The lower temperature used to manufacture these materials mean that less energy is required to produce them.

Did you know?

25 tonnes of carbon is equivalent to heating 9 homes in the UK for a year!