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Community newsletter - March 2024

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Here's the latest news from the team

As you are aware we have been on site carrying out works to 29 Marylebone Road since December 2023 and works are progressing well.

As a responsible contractor, we like to keep residents and the wider community aware of upcoming works.

This communication is to inform you that from the week commencing 1st April 2024, we will start to bring in some grab lorries down Bingham Place. The grab lorries will be coming to the site for roughly 4 weeks to clear waste from the site.

We are anticipating up to a maximum of 2 lorries per day, however this will not be every day and more sporadic as and when needed for site.

Please note that we have limited the use of Bingham Place as much as we possibly can throughout the works to date. We are however permitted to use Bingham Place as part of our agreements with Westminster but feel it was important to keep you up to speed on our upcoming activities that may impact Bingham Place residents.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and should you have any issues or concerns, please contact Matt, Morgan Sindall Site Manager on 07386655611.

Please do visit the 29 Marylebone Road website, for information on the team, updates on the construction work, planned community activities, upcoming opportunities, and newsletters, along with the opportunity for you to ask the project team questions.

This is a highly exciting project for Morgan Sindall and Westminster University, and we are delighted to be working in your borough.