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Image from Morgan Sindall Group supply chain event

Working with SMEs

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Work Radar arrives to support tradespeople and ‘build, build, build’

Connecting people and companies with local work through Work Radar

In August 2020, we worked with Local Supply Chain to develop Work Radar, a cloud-based supply chain platform to connect individual tradespeople, micro businesses and social enterprises with contractors.

The service will help thousands of construction workers find local work and supports the government's plan to progress shovel-ready projects in response to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are a individual tradesperson, microbusiness or social enterprise, click here to create an account with Work Radar to seek opportunities in your area.

At Morgan Sindall Construction, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our supply chain and helping communities improve their resilience in these challenging times.

As the founding member of the Work Radar scheme, we see it as a refreshing and engaging way of helping tradespeople gain work on projects local to them.
Many of these tradespeople have been disadvantaged by recent events, and we are now deploying Work Radar across our projects to help them to gain employment.

Recent strains on construction sites have affected supply chains across the industry and we are pleased to be the front runners by working alongside Work Radar in getting tradespeople, micro businesses and social enterprises back into work and onto our sites.”
Gavin Jamieson, Head of Supply Chain, Morgan Sindall Construction
…We [Department for Work and Pensions] are delighted that Morgan Sindall Construction and Local Supply Chain have come together to provide an agile and effective route to connecting people and under-represented companies to work opportunity in construction. This intervention supports our Talent Retention Scheme and will help to get those individuals and companies who have been hardest hit by recent events back into the workplace…
Department for Work and Pensions

Image of a team talk taking place with suppliers on a Morgan Sindall Construction site