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Exterior view of Highfields Spencer Academy in Derby

Offsite and Modern Methods of Construction (MMC)


White paper: Modular Construction in 2020: Have we reached a tipping point?

Modern construction methods are driving change in our industry’s approach to design and construction

These methods allow key elements of a building to be designed, planned and constructed using pre-fabricated or pre-assembled products, manufactured in an offsite factory environment. This approach, when adopted in the right circumstances and supported by an expert construction capability, can help improve productivity and reduce waste. It can also deliver benefits to our customers in terms of quality, cost, safety and speed of delivery.

At Morgan Sindall Construction we have been using modern construction methods and offsite products for many years, ranging from full building systems such as modular, timber frame and panellised systems, to smaller building components such as pre-cast cladding and bathroom pods – used in many of our residential projects. More recently in January 2021, we were appointed to deliver two major extension and refurbishment schemes using offsite methods for James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth.

We also have extensive experience using offsite manufactured solutions in the Education sector. At projects such as Hackwood School and Highfields Spencer Academy, both located in Derby, the use of offsite construction methods meant that the schools were each delivered in around nine months, to accommodate the need for additional school places due to an increase in housing development and growing communities.

Below are just a few of the examples of our projects delivered using modern construction methods and offsite manufacturing.

Highfields Spencer Academy, Derby

Highfields Spencer Academy is a fantastic and colourful learning environment for a brand-new housing community on the outskirts of Derby. Within weeks of being open, it has brought together the community and has become an important part of the neighbourhood. It is a key part of the County’s plan to meet its growing population and school places challenge. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and the pressures of section 106 deadlines, the school delivered in just nine months, completing early, snag free and scoring 9/10 for customer satisfaction.

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Vandyke Upper School, Leighton Buzzard

Built at the same time as Gilbert Upper School, across the road from the project and delivered by the same team. The schools were fourth and fifth projects the Northern Home Counties team has delivered using modular construction techniques in two years. The team were also recently appointed to deliver a further two schools in the area - Queensmead School in the north London borough of Hillingdon and Haileybury Turnford School in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire utlising offsite methods.

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Two students walking out of the Vandyke Upper School Building

Hailsham Community College Primary Academy, East Sussex

Offsite modular construction has become an incredibly popular choice when building schools, and with Hailsham, it’s easy to see why. The project team was able to deliver 11 weeks ahead of schedule, delighting everyone involved.

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Front view of Hailsham School showing the orange brickwork and grey, blue and cream cladding to the right hand side

Hackwood Primary Academy, Derby

Hackwood Primary Academy, part of The Harmony Trust progressed from planning to handover in less than a year thanks to the efficiency afforded by innovative modular construction methods, and effective collaboration between the public and private stakeholders involved. The new building delivered a new primary school in Derby, with 210 vital primary school places for the area.