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Senior Project Manager David Gray recently spoke to the Head Teacher at Carrick Academy asking if he could assist with “finding” a gold ring that a pupil had accidently dropped down a drain in the existing school playground.

Our groundworks contractor on the project Dalcon (Ayrshire based) assisted in breaking out the ground and drainage pipe and after 4 hours work, found the gold ring!

What makes the story even more worthwhile is that the ring belonged to the boy’s grandfather who sadly passed away recently. The boy’s mother had given him the ring and asked him to look after it for the rest of the week as he was due to walk her down the aisle at her wedding and would present the ring to her so that she could feel that her dad was present at the wedding.

Needless to say, when the boy returned home to say that he had lost it they were both distraught.

The boy and his mother were ecstatic when they received the news that our great teams had retrieved the ring.

We cannot thank Dalcon enough for their support and determination on this "additional" piece of project work.